Make Your Own Poster 🗺️

kr. 99.00 DKK


.🇩🇰 Danish design at surprisingly low prices

✅ Perfect 200 g/m² matte satin photo paper

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Here you have the opportunity to have your own image printed as a poster. Upload your image via the above uploader. Click on "Upload your file here: Browse" and then choose whether the poster should be vertical or horizontal. Then select the desired size of the poster and complete the purchase.

You also have the option of printing pictures you yourself have found on the internet, e.g. on free platforms such as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay or Freepik. There are also a number of inexpensive platforms, such as Etsy and Shutterstock, where you can buy popular and well-known images. Remember to purchase a frame for the poster.

The size of the image must be min. be:
21 x 30 cm = 826 x 1169 pixels

30 x 42 cm = 1169 x 1575 pixels

50 x 70 cm = 1969 x 2756 pixels

70 x 100 cm = 2756 x 3937 pixels