Posters with perspective

Posters of Tomorrow® started with a vision to be more than just another poster company in the crowd. We want to contribute to an everyday life with less stress and anxiety and to be at the forefront of the fight for more diversity and sustainability. We will do this by developing poster designs with positive and socially relevant poster designs, and in that way contribute to a better everyday life for our customers, both at home and at work. We work every day to be able to offer a large selection of creative poster designs at attractive prices. We actually just want to give you the opportunity to create the right framework for your life.

City Hall Square, Copenhagen

Posters of Tomorrow ®

Posters of Tomorrow ® was started by the entrepreneur Kristian Ploug and is headquartered at Rådhuspladsen in the heart of Copenhagen. Posters of Tomorrow ® is the result of a re-branding and was previously known as Monochrome Copenhagen.

"Right from the start of my first poster company, Nordic Motives, I have been passionate about posters and digital design. I love being creative with the blank canvas, and only the imagination sets limits to what you can design, print and hang on his walls, both at home and at his workplace. With Posters of Tomorrow ® I would like to combine my passion for digital design with my desire to contribute to a better everyday life for my customers. I know that I probably cannot solve the entire world's challenges through poster design, no matter how creative I try to be, but if I can improve my customers' lives or everyday life just a little bit, it will make me both happy and proud. We live in a modern world, with greater and greater demands on us as people. We are almost obliged to be on all the time, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep calm in a stressful everyday life. Our days are often filled with obligations, daily chores and once in a while, unforeseen e crises that come at the worst possible times in our lives. It can be difficult to find time to do some of the things that actually help us stay calm and that give us real joy in life. It can be anything from small things, such as remembering to breathe, taking a well-deserved break and going for a walk in nature (without a smartphone), to prioritizing the important things in life first. It can be quality time with family and friends or finally living out one's lifelong dreams, such as to go on a life-affirming adventure abroad. With little reminders hanging on the walls, either with a positive message or a nice picture of the magnificent nature out there, maybe we can help just a little bit in that regard. Help you remember what is really important in life. And with socially relevant messages that promote greater diversity and sustainability in our society, we can also contribute just a little bit to push us all forward, towards a better future. And that's why we are Posters of Tomorrow ® ."

The Perfect Poster™

We print our posters on 200 g/m² satin photo paper with a nice matt finish. This quality is perfect for printing posters with and gives the poster a nice and elegant look, perfect for the home, children's room and workplace. V i only prints the poster when you order it, to avoid unnecessary waste of resources, and of course they are all both designed and printed in Denmark. All our posters go through an extensive quality control, so we ensure that you receive a perfect poster, every time. We use PEFC™-certified paper for all flyers and FSC® and/or Swan-labelled paper for all posters. All posters are also sent responsibly in sustainable and robust cardboard boxes made of double-layer corrugated cardboard.

Company information

Posters of Tomorrow ApS

Rådhuspladsen 55

1550 Copenhagen V


CVR.: 41277270