World map posters for every taste

When you have to choose the right posters for your home, there are several things you have to take into consideration. You must choose which expression you want on your world map and which color fits best with your decor. You can either choose some posters without too many colors if your decor already has many colors and you miss some contrast. If, on the other hand, you are a huge fan of colours, we have many beautiful world map posters in different colours shades that you can style exactly how you want.

Natural World Map

Tropical world map posters

If you are on board with the popular trend of bringing nature into your home, then you have plenty of options with our world map posters in beautiful natural colours. You can e.g. choose our Tropical World Map , with beautiful palm leaves printed into the world's continents. The poster can be advantageously combined with other green furniture or with light wooden floors. The white background ensures that the green color does not become too dominant and at the same time provides a contrast that works well in darker interiors.

Natural world map posters

If you are more of a high-flying type, you can also implement the high peaks in your world map posters. With a beautiful motif of the Himalayas' highest peaks integrated into your world map, you get a fresh and bright expression that fits perfectly into classic Scandinavian decor. In contrast to the tropical motif, a Natural World Map is perfect for creating more light in the room and at the same time not having too significant a role in the room. And then the posters frame an adventurous and free nature that reflects your personality!

A Natural World Map goes particularly well with simple black frames or some beautiful oak frames.

Marble World Map

Pink Marble World Map Posters

Do you go up in your interior design and it doesn't matter what hangs on your wall? Then maybe you are into the more exclusive posters and in this connection we have just what you need. Posters of Tomorrow® offers several different World Map Posters in marble . 

Take, for example, our beautiful and feminine Pink Marble World Map . This motif is full of light and, unlike our other motifs, it is quite simple in its expression. Pink Marble World Map is perfect for the girl's room or as a bright element in the living room or kitchen family room and goes fantastically with a beautiful gold frame or rose gold frame . 

If you like the marble look, but are looking for a different colour, we also have blue and green World Map Posters . The marble motif makes the posters super exclusive and the shiny material is perfect for world maps. As a starting point, we recommend using black frames for these posters, as the motif is super strong in itself.

Simple world and country map posters

Black and white world map posters

If you are more into the classic look and just want a simple and beautiful world map, then you can choose one of the black and white variants.

We have both World Map Posters with and without country names. So if it is geography that needs to be practiced, we recommend that you choose a map with country names. Sometimes, however, it is best to have a completely simple look and here you can choose our Black/White World Map to create the completely simple and classic look that is so characteristic of the Scandinavian style.

Finally, there is also the option of choosing a Danmarkskort Poster , if you would rather have a picture of beautiful Denmark hanging on your wall. This motif is collected in a single poster, so it is easy to hang up and it does not take up as much space as the large world maps. A Denmark map looks good in the kitchen, perhaps above the coffee machine or can also be a nice detail in the entrance hall. The great thing about this simple card is that it works perfectly with all our frames.

Denmark map poster

Now you are ready to choose your world map and get the perfect expression in your home. If you have any questions about styling or setting up your posters, you are always welcome to contact us and we will guide you all the way!

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January 28, 2022 — Kristian Ploug

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